ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork

My guesstimate is that I found this gem in my collection around February and iTunes says I’ve listened to it 110 times so far–plus I got the VSQ rendition (love!). I find that the world reaches out to me with songs at just the right moment…or maybe I go searching when I don’t already have one in my arsenal for a particular feels.  Either way, “Unravel” by Bjork snuck it’s way into my life some months ago right at the nexus of re-establishing relationships with my estranged ex-lover and my ex-BFFF.   There is an anticipation of being able to share everything that has been missed in the meantime.  And yet, I cannot begin to comprehend how to share the journey of losing my Grandmother or moving across the country in a giant U-haul with a car trailer or the pain of finally letting my disappointing relationship with my father simmer out.  How do you navigate these lost spaces that would have been shared moment-by-moment?  How do you reconnect without dwelling on the bitterness of the past?

“He’ll never return it”

Bjork’s lyrics never cease to elude my understanding…why does your heart come undone in a ball of yarn?  Were you crocheting through the pain??  As with many other artists (Tool, Radiohead, The Beatles acid years…) my sad little bitter heart still finds a way to completely identify.  The somber synthy organ of wedding march-esque material in the background really seals the deal.  Get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cry into it while repeating “Weee’ll haaaave to make new loooooove.”

ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork

80’s Night

We accidentally had an 80’s movie night.  First up was Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and then the cult classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Nausicaa: 1984

Miyazaki’s “save the world” films are always a little bit dazzling with a dash of cheese.  This is a moment in the movie that I always adore because the animation is phenomenal and this point in the story is so heartbreaking.  I’m not gonna lie, I was crocheting through most of it so I don’t have anything super insightful this time around but man TENTACLEEEESS. : D

Bill & Ted: 1989

Alright, so maybe I have a huge crush on Keanu

–but it’s mostly because of his absolute adorableness in this film. I wish my oral reports in school had been half as spectacular.  Be excellent to each other.

80’s Night