ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork

My guesstimate is that I found this gem in my collection around February and iTunes says I’ve listened to it 110 times so far–plus I got the VSQ rendition (love!). I find that the world reaches out to me with songs at just the right moment…or maybe I go searching when I don’t already have one in my arsenal for a particular feels.  Either way, “Unravel” by Bjork snuck it’s way into my life some months ago right at the nexus of re-establishing relationships with my estranged ex-lover and my ex-BFFF.   There is an anticipation of being able to share everything that has been missed in the meantime.  And yet, I cannot begin to comprehend how to share the journey of losing my Grandmother or moving across the country in a giant U-haul with a car trailer or the pain of finally letting my disappointing relationship with my father simmer out.  How do you navigate these lost spaces that would have been shared moment-by-moment?  How do you reconnect without dwelling on the bitterness of the past?

“He’ll never return it”

Bjork’s lyrics never cease to elude my understanding…why does your heart come undone in a ball of yarn?  Were you crocheting through the pain??  As with many other artists (Tool, Radiohead, The Beatles acid years…) my sad little bitter heart still finds a way to completely identify.  The somber synthy organ of wedding march-esque material in the background really seals the deal.  Get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cry into it while repeating “Weee’ll haaaave to make new loooooove.”

ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork

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