Sicario Review

This movie was very entertaining and definitely good to see in theatres. I love looove Benicio, in everything, ever, because he’s beautiful.  And honorable mention to the Titanic captain (giggle). The many establishing shots throughout the film served well to remind me never to live in the effing desert, as beautiful as it may be.

I think overall the film did a good job of showing multiple perspectives and creating a nice little anti-hero out of Del Toro. The only moment that rubbed me the wrong way was Josh Brolin’s character whistling patriotically in the interrogation room–it was just laying the trite on a liiiittle too thick for my taste.

In the past 3 years I have had the very insightful opportunity (against my will) of living in white-majority communities, which is vastly different from the diversity I was raised within. I bring this up because it makes watching public movies verrrry interesting. I had some really horrifying moments watching Django Unchained–people laughing at the very graphic brutality of slave life and so on. Sicario brought about similar experiences and revelations for me.  There was a rather forgettable scene (I say this because LOTS of people get shot in the movie), in which a man gets shot by an officer rather matter-of-factly which resulted in several laughs from the audience. When discussing this with my husband afterwards, he pointed out that maybe they were laughing out of shock at the brutality.  While I hope that is the case, I don’t really believe it’s true. Maybe because of my upbringing I am less shocked by police brutality and the “shoot first ask questions later” attitude, but I was more shocked at people laughing at someone being murdered than the image of someone being murdered. The movie also heavily discussed/shed light on the fact that many people killed in the crossfire or as a direct result of gangs/cartels are innocent bystanders. It reminded me that senseless violence can happen anytime to anyone.

Sicario Review

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