Vic Mensa, “Down On My Luck”

This track is so sexy smooth.

The music doesn’t really elicit any poignant observations or connections, but it definitely makes me want to move my body. Plus the little breaks of “fuck that/get down” really just speak to my daily attitude.

This song is good for: shelving books, cleaning the bathroom, cooking a meal, making art & cruising the internet.


Vic Mensa, “Down On My Luck”

The Twilight Sad, “There’s A Girl In the Corner”

Alright, first I would like to say I’m a little bummed that they’re the opener for The Cure’s current tour. *sigh* In a sudden upset I actually would have liked to see this band by themselves without watching the sad, decaying circus that is now The Cure.

Girly gushing first: James. Graham’s. Voice. His little rolling r’s *sssiiighhh*

But onwards…This song is brilliant! I have been hooked on it for the last month or so and have still not come close to wearing it out. The ominous bassline is so addicting. The reverb on the vocals is dialed in just right to bring out the richness in James’ voice. The lyrics are just vaguely bitter enough to make one think of all their exes.

If you are remotely into shoegaze, post-punk, crunchy indie music or just need a really good jam to sing/sob along to while punching your steering wheel in your car in the rain in an empty parking lot–this is for you.

Also, in muddling around their discography I found that they have done a cover of Joy Division’s “Twenty Four Hours” which is really quite good. Enjoy! : D


The Twilight Sad, “There’s A Girl In the Corner”

Liars “Mess”

Listening to this album makes me feel cool. Like the way you (okay maybe just me) felt in high school tromping around the mall with your gang and harassing the employees. The idea that someday you’re going to grow up and wear chic black outfits, chain smoke, get drunk and go to amazing concerts–because obviously that’s the dream.  Giggle.

This album’s opener “Mask Maker” is a nice first kick. I love this gritty opening samples which remind me of saying random things into a sequencer and just having fun with it. And actually, this is basically the vibe of the whole song for me. The vocals that cut in about halfway through the track are very Death From Above 1979-esque in all the best ways.

“Vox Tuned D.E.D.” and “Darkslide” are saucy, nondescript, goth-club thumpers that are lovable all the same.

Not bad, but skippable tracks: “Can’t Hear Well,” “Boyzone,” & “Dress Walker.”

Probably my fav track at this point is “Pro Anti Anti.” A BIG part of this is Angus Andrew’s super deep bleating, laced over with delicate “ohhahhhs” and punctuated by rhythmic breath noises. Plus, the lyrics are super…broody.

“Mess On a Misson” just makes me giggle. The “uh-huhs” are fun, plus whenever I sing it my husband starts doing the “uh-huhs” from Devendra Banhart’s “Chinese Children” in some sort of live-mash-up. Plus whenever the crazed “A mess on a mission” line is going I keep imagining muppets running around waving their arms in a frenzy.

“Perpetual Village” is the track that I forget to love.  It’s like exploring an electric swamp or maybe doing some VNV Nation Tai-Chi. It’s a nice groove with good build up.

“Left Speaker Blown” is actually a pretty nice outro track. I’m not entirely sure it was meant that way, but to my mix-CD-master ears it’s a nice wrap up to the album. Delicate and has just enough bittersweet to make you drift of into some personal reverie and forget the album’s stopped.

“I’m No Gold” has such a crunchy vibe. As an aside, the video is weirdly hysterical and definitely worth watching a chunk of if you really need to waste some of your life on YouTube. I love the faux-breakdown into trill thing that’s happening a couple minutes into the track. Which really is just one example of what this whole album encompasses for me as a dance-goth-rock-whatever, this band is still doing an amazing job of balancing the predictable electronic loops with just enough surprise to keep your rocking your head and making to-cool-for-school pouting faces.

My soul was searching for a great dance album; the prayer was answered. Thanks dance gods.

Liars “Mess”

Le Star Wars

This movie was fun, and mostly forgettable, but fun.

I am not a super-fan of the Star Wars series, in fact “fan” might even be too far of a stretch.  I did have fun watching The Force Awakens in the same way I have enjoyed the other newer films.

I did spend the first half of the movie not knowing who I was supposed to identify with as the protagonist, which led to the really hilarious realization that it was, in fact, Finn and not the adorable rolling robot. Frankly, at a few weeks later, I don’t remember anything of note from this film, but here are the highlights:

  • Cool jungle planet with hip old lady.
  • Is Harrison Ford the hottest man of all time?
  • Anxiety filling light-saber scene as usual.

That’s really it, giggle.

Le Star Wars

The Hateful 8

Theeese muthafuckahs made a great film as usual.

As with The Revenant, I fully enjoyed the landscape shots. The violence was wonderfully played out as per a typical Tarantino film. Additionally, the soundtrack was stellar and I particularly enjoyed the use of The White Stripes’ “Apple Blossom.” The little plot twist at the end was well played.

My main gripe with this film is the more-than-usual-for-Tarantino excessive use of the “n word.” I’ve always had mixed feelings with this term for a variety of personal and cultural reasons, but am rarely truly offended by its occasional use in a period film in appropriate doses in appropriate places. Lately, to me, it feels a little bit like Tarantino is obsessed with coming up with period-appropriate films so that his characters can drop n-bombs left and right with the facade of “it’s ok cuz that’s how they used to talk.” And for the past couple films I’ve tried really hard to just accept that he’s trying to be racy (pun intended : D) and just enjoy the film for what it is otherwise, but this one took it just a little too far for me. And aside from that fact that this rubbed me the wrong way this time, my fear is that it is encouraging the mentally-unstable, highschool-goth-turned-neo-nazi to bring this very destructive term back into their daily language.

The Hateful 8

The Revenant, or, Leo’s Cry To Win

Whew! This movie…

There seems to be a recent trend of including long, really long, shots of the Great Wilderness to help slow a film down or transition to a new scene. Here are my feels about it: 1) They’re beautiful. You get to see all the gorgeous parts of a landscape during the time of year that makes it so, without all the BS of having to live in it all the other days 2) This makes the film so friggin long. My husband and I, unfortunately, decided to go see this one on like a senior discount day or something because the theatre was PACKED with the elderly and I was not willing to navigate through them to go to the bathroom partway through, sooo the whole unnecessarily long thing was probably more prevalent than it would have been otherwise.

But onwards. This film was great.  It is definitely going in the “Bleak Bible” that I have started as an ongoing list of desperately depressing and/or hopeless movies to be rotated through on Thanksgiving (you know to feel more thankful…). Some of the more gory parts were a little hard to sit through, but it was worth it. The universe’s constant beating down on this poor man’s life was a hilarious parallel to Leo’s elusive Oscar–which verged on purposeful as he breaks the fourth wall in the closing shot with a clear, but unspoken “Feed me Seymourrrr!”

The Revenant, or, Leo’s Cry To Win