The Hateful 8

Theeese muthafuckahs made a great film as usual.

As with The Revenant, I fully enjoyed the landscape shots. The violence was wonderfully played out as per a typical Tarantino film. Additionally, the soundtrack was stellar and I particularly enjoyed the use of The White Stripes’ “Apple Blossom.” The little plot twist at the end was well played.

My main gripe with this film is the more-than-usual-for-Tarantino excessive use of the “n word.” I’ve always had mixed feelings with this term for a variety of personal and cultural reasons, but am rarely truly offended by its occasional use in a period film in appropriate doses in appropriate places. Lately, to me, it feels a little bit like Tarantino is obsessed with coming up with period-appropriate films so that his characters can drop n-bombs left and right with the facade of “it’s ok cuz that’s how they used to talk.” And for the past couple films I’ve tried really hard to just accept that he’s trying to be racy (pun intended : D) and just enjoy the film for what it is otherwise, but this one took it just a little too far for me. And aside from that fact that this rubbed me the wrong way this time, my fear is that it is encouraging the mentally-unstable, highschool-goth-turned-neo-nazi to bring this very destructive term back into their daily language.

The Hateful 8

One thought on “The Hateful 8

  1. I haven’t seen it yet and likely will not for a long long time (I don’t do movies much and when I do it’s generally for my girls these days). That being said: the landscapes and scenery of the American West is beyond compare. I didn’t think it was really that beautiful until I moved out here. Here’s a secret: it’s really that beautiful out here.

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