The Twilight Sad, “There’s A Girl In the Corner”

Alright, first I would like to say I’m a little bummed that they’re the opener for The Cure’s current tour. *sigh* In a sudden upset I actually would have liked to see this band by themselves without watching the sad, decaying circus that is now The Cure.

Girly gushing first: James. Graham’s. Voice. His little rolling r’s *sssiiighhh*

But onwards…This song is brilliant! I have been hooked on it for the last month or so and have still not come close to wearing it out. The ominous bassline is so addicting. The reverb on the vocals is dialed in just right to bring out the richness in James’ voice. The lyrics are just vaguely bitter enough to make one think of all their exes.

If you are remotely into shoegaze, post-punk, crunchy indie music or just need a really good jam to sing/sob along to while punching your steering wheel in your car in the rain in an empty parking lot–this is for you.

Also, in muddling around their discography I found that they have done a cover of Joy Division’s “Twenty Four Hours” which is really quite good. Enjoy! : D


The Twilight Sad, “There’s A Girl In the Corner”

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