“Special Affair” The Internet


So I downloaded “Just Sayin/I Tried” awhile back and was super in love with it. It was like this ode to my ex-BFFF right when I was having that final wave of nostalgia before letting that shit GO. I dug that song so much that I was like, “Hey, maybe the people makes other musics.” And now I have this loverly groove.

First, the bassline is so friggin addicting. Sometimes I just play it to hear that sweet, sweet riff. The whole composition of the music itself is just dripping in sexy, smokey, get-fucked partytime. Then when you add Syd tha Kyd’s smooth vocals AND her ballsy lyrics…you can’t help but wanna slow grind on the dance floor.


PS I’m gonna start doing a five point rating for songs/albums. It will be pretty arbitrary; based on my mood that day, how addicted I am to the music and my current level of cynicism. : D

“Special Affair” The Internet

Kubo and the Two Strings


Man, was this movie adorable.

Everything about this movie was great: plot arch, animation, dialogue, score, voice acting…truly top notch. This is one of those kid movies that I will actually be excited to introduce to future kidlettes.

I was a little underwhelmed with the wrap up of the grandfather’s character, but it is a kid’s movie…so I understand why they went that direction. That was really my only complaint.

On a more “cultural” level, the loving/positive/understanding approach to mental illness, disability, and atypicality (depending on how you view the characters’ obstacles and personalities) was really refreshing. None of the characters were immobilized or useless because of their differences; they could still have adventures and talents unique to themselves and their situations.

Plus “I love you, monkey” is possibly the best line ever. : D

Kubo and the Two Strings

Pete’s Less-Cool Dragon Story


I watched this a few weeks ago, so the details are a little fuzzy buuut here we go!

Oakes Fegley is a truly talented kid. It was also fun to see how far we’ve come with special effects. The aerial shots were pretty cool too. : D That was about the extent of my enjoyment of this film.

I love. loooove. looooved the original Pete’s Dragon as a kid. I loved singing along to “Candle on the Water.” I loved the drunken grandfather. I realize that a lot of the things they had in kid’s movies way back when are no longer considered “ok” themes, but ugh it gave the plot so much more character.

This film felt a little hollow. It’s way more somber and has a lot more Ferngully-level save-the-forest subtext (which I don’t disagree with, it just was not at all a part of the original). The plight of Pete and Elliott in this new rendition just didn’t grab my heartstrings like the ’77 film. Maybe I’m too old and the magic is gone…but I also was a sob-fest during Finding Dory so I don’t really buy that argument.

Summary: If I could only pick one, I’d pick the older version.


Pete’s Less-Cool Dragon Story