“Special Affair” The Internet


So I downloaded “Just Sayin/I Tried” awhile back and was super in love with it. It was like this ode to my ex-BFFF right when I was having that final wave of nostalgia before letting that shit GO. I dug that song so much that I was like, “Hey, maybe the people makes other musics.” And now I have this loverly groove.

First, the bassline is so friggin addicting. Sometimes I just play it to hear that sweet, sweet riff. The whole composition of the music itself is just dripping in sexy, smokey, get-fucked partytime. Then when you add Syd tha Kyd’s smooth vocals AND her ballsy lyrics…you can’t help but wanna slow grind on the dance floor.


PS I’m gonna start doing a five point rating for songs/albums. It will be pretty arbitrary; based on my mood that day, how addicted I am to the music and my current level of cynicism. : D

“Special Affair” The Internet

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