“Don’t Touch My Hair” Solange ft. Sampha


I would like to say that I have much respect for Solange and what she is doing with this song and this album. I wish that -this- kind of music and message were part of the in-your-face mainstream when I was growing up. The closest I think I ever came to this kind of message as a yoooth was maybe “Video” by India Arie . I chose the image above because it resonates with my vision of the beauty I want my (hopefully) future children to uphold. One of the few times in my life where I have felt -powerful- was my last school dance in 8th grade when I rocked my big, beautiful, fluffy, tent-like natural hair. And I was CUTE! And I knew it, which is a very rare thing for many women. It felt like such a feat of self-love when not 6 mos before my gaggle of “friends” thought it would be funny to pour water on my bun because I wouldn’t feel it…

If you haven’t had a chance, check out the video for “Don’t Touch My Hair.” It has such stunning visual design, aesthetic and choreography. I am a music video snob and this gets a solid “A” in my book. : D

Now for the song itself. This is such a smooth jam. The horns are perfectly composed and are placed well within the total mix. It’s hard to make horns not drown out everything, especially in such a dreamy tune. Sampha’s voice is addicting as usual. The funk-lite composition throughout all parts gives the song that special swinging quality to keep you listening to the end. I also really love Solange’s voice control and Billie Holiday-esque phrasing in the melody.

Video-song combo: 5/5

Song: 4.5/5

Black Girl Magic: We go to 11.

“Don’t Touch My Hair” Solange ft. Sampha

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