New to the Library: “Freedom at 21” Jack White

Something always keeps me away from non-White Stripes Jack White. I love his voice, I love his songs, but I never quite get around to the “buy” part. So with free iTunes currency in hand, I took the NO RAGRETS dive and committed to grabbing a song from 2012’s Blunderbuss.

The moody, intentional guitar lick helps tie down the anxious percussion layers. The emphasis on “feet” and “police” in the first verse reminds me a lot of Jonathan Davis’ (Korn) vocal embellishments. I don’t think that it’s good or bad, just an amusing connection. Despite being a solo album, this song is particularly White Stripesy in the melody, chords, counterpoints and lyrics. It plays almost like a Stripes B-Side rather than an individual artist going in separate direction from the band.

In a disturbing twist, the song kind of seems to be the protagonist (White?) abusing his S/O because she treats him poorly and then whining about the consequence of her charging him with assault. All under the banner of “she’s got freedom in the 21st century” ala feminism is ruining my misogyny. So, on that note I hope that this is satire against ignorant assholes rather than, you know, Jack White: the pity party auto-biography.


New to the Library: “Freedom at 21” Jack White

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