Rogue One Review *Spoiler*

I enjoyed this movie in the most conventional sense. It had a plot, there was suspense and there were cheeky jokes.

I make a point to see the Star Wars movies in the theatres, but I’m not a like die-core fan. I legitimately enjoyed The Force Awakens, but this one was a little bit of a miss for me. This series has become much more racially inclusive over the years (and not to kick a dead horse BUT), can we have a POC as a female lead already?? Also, I know that everyone dying makes the plot more interesting but I didn’t WANT them to die! It’s not fair…they tried so hard, they got so far…

It was fun to watch, but to be honest it was more of a Red Box-er. Where I live, ticket prices are super cheap, but I would have been ticked if I had paid $12-15 to see this.


Rogue One Review *Spoiler*

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