New to the Library: “I Hope You Suffer” AFI

This song’s lyrics are over the top and the ending takes the GUTS out of the song. But, this is probably the best single AFI had put out since Sing the Sorrow. Even still, it feels put on much like its predecessor “Miss Murder.” (Although truthfully I think I would still pick “I Hope You Suffer” over that BS-I’ve never been able to stomach the pop-stomp, Green Day-esque style.)

I don’t think AFI is capable of achieving their former glory and, unlike their quasi-contemporaries Interpol, have not been especially great at re-inventing without alienating their current fandom. Ian Cohen of Pitchfork wrote a comically accurate review of their most recent album and critique of their recent years here. That review sums up my feelings of anything else I could have to say about this song.

On a brighter note, I had the glorious opportunity of seeing their Halloween, Portland show which WAS fucking fantastic. There is nothing quite like holding up your teen idol while he sweats in your face. So kudos for them old dudes still rocking out live.


New to the Library: “I Hope You Suffer” AFI

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