Film Review: A Quiet Place

This movie was pretty good. I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

Which is great, because the trailer tries to make it out to be a “horror” movie. Perhaps under the umbrella term of horror it fits, but it didn’t have dismemberment (there is one icky scene but there is tons of foreshadowing and plenty of time for eye covering), chanting children, black eye possession, or things moving eerily to plinky music. So for me, it is not the horror that I can’t watch.

It was very tense and there were a couple “boo” moments, but nothing too rattling. You’re basically following this family trying to survive the sound monsters and they do a great job of getting you invested in their survival.

I had *a lot* of problems with minor details. For example, there are some people who just give birth silently? Like voluntarily? So I feel like it’s a little misleading that they spend so much time on the “OMG imaaagine” of her giving birth. I will say that it makes a lot more sense in context of the grand scene (beyond what is shown in the trailer) but it still made me a little grump face. (SIDENOTE–because many girls in the US have never seen a live birth and only learn about birth from movies and TV and very often  retellings of birth trauma via mom, aunty, etc. — when birth is distorted on media for entertainment purposes, it adds to the miseducation that women have to overcome when faced with decisions regarding their reproductive health. Moving on…) Why could they roll dice but not whisper into each others’ ears? Why are they only creating sound proofed rooms now that baby is on the way one year later? Why did sick boy only need one pill? Where did they get the oxygen and baby mask from? If there are so many neighbors why don’t they live as a commune? If there is a roaring waterfall in walking distance why didn’t they begin camping there 3-4 weeks before the due date so mom could labor in relative safety? How did the kids get out of the silo? Really the list could go on lol.

The important thing to take away, though, is if you can manage to suspend your disbelief for all of these wild underlying problems–the movie is quite engaging. Unless you’re really into CGI stuff, this could probs wait for RedBox. And probably should? Not because it’s that bad or anything, but we actually had trouble at our theater because the movie has such large silent parts, you could hear the movies playing in the adjacent theaters–kind of kills the suspense a little. XD


Film Review: A Quiet Place