Site Reboot

Hi All! I had basically abandoned this blog for a variety of reasons last year. Primarily, that I wasn’t as engaged as I thought I was going to be for how much time I was putting into it. Also, my laptop is old and dysfunctional and it never occurred to me that “there’s an app for that” lol

Fast forward to my ever-growing deep dissatisfaction with Instagram (my primary social media). I tried Ello for a good month–a good idea, but basically a pile of trash…and then it dawned on me…I might have a more rewarding experience on WordPress if I actually engage in the communities I’m deeply invested in–art, crochet, ceramics, memery. So moving forward, this blog is going to take a sharp turn for look what I can do! I will still probably post reviews, since I more or less do that on Instagram anyways as part of the “me” experience.

Site Reboot

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