New to the Library: “Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba” Celia Cruz

Being on the last few episodes of the magical telenovela¬† “Celia,” it is only appropriate that I grab me some of her wonderful music and then keep sharing it with the world. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show, which is loosely based on her life, give it a whirl. It’s on Netlix and is a total tear-jerker start to finish.

I am such a sucker for Latin music in the first place. The polyrhythms, the back up singers, the horns *sigh* – it has ALL OF THE THINGS. The drums alone just make you want to get up and dance. The piano part functions sort of like funk bass, in that you don’t really listen to it consciously, but the song would be total off without it.

A lot of the music I listen to hovers around rock, and most of the artists that I love the most in that world are male-centric. It’s always bothered me that the bands that seem to inspire me the most are almost entirely made up of men; but try as I might, there are very few female led or dominated bands that pull at me. But while men may rule the world of Rock, Latin music is woman. It is complex, it is loud, it is impassioned. This is clearly the voice that I have been looking for all this time.


Black Girl Magic: We go to 11.

New to the Library: “Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba” Celia Cruz

Chewing Gum Review

Mini Review:

I’m on episode 4 or 5 and this show is fucking hilarious.

I don’t laugh aloud often, but when I do it is loud and obnoxious and usually well deserved. This show’s got me -rollin-.

Don’t be turned off by the mid-twenties virgin wants to get the D synopsis. I feel like anyone who’s felt awkward starting a sexual relationship will be able to relate. The class struggle jokes can be pretty on point too. I hope the rest of Season 1 turns out to be as fantastic.

For now, kudos!!

Chewing Gum Review