Film Review: Atomic Blonde really enjoyed this one. And I was very glad it wasn’t the “female John Wick” as some people described it. John Wick is a movie about assassins. This is a Cold War spy-action flick. Very different things.

It also had some not-surprising, but nevertheless interesting sub-points about world politics and in some ways, perhaps showing that the tension in the 80’s was not so different than some of the tensions now.

The shots are all well done and there were some more gimmicky set ups that were very clearly an allusion to the graphic novel it’s based on. I also really loved the use of lighting and specifically the color lighting throughout the film.

I did feel like the girl-on-girl sex scene was a little gratuitous. Especially because they reference the main character having had sex with a male multiple times–all of which are given the kissing-faces-and-you-know-the-rest treatment. But when it’s two girls, let’s have an all out HBO fuck fest?? Ugh. Why couldn’t they have James McAvoy having a full frontal sex scene with some other dude in the movie?! Mmmhm. That’s what I thought.

All in all, glad I saw it in the theatres. Bottom line, the action scenes were worth it. I will look forward to watching this again on one of those call in to work, PMS, rainy days. : D


Film Review: Atomic Blonde

80’s Night

We accidentally had an 80’s movie night.  First up was Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and then the cult classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Nausicaa: 1984

Miyazaki’s “save the world” films are always a little bit dazzling with a dash of cheese.  This is a moment in the movie that I always adore because the animation is phenomenal and this point in the story is so heartbreaking.  I’m not gonna lie, I was crocheting through most of it so I don’t have anything super insightful this time around but man TENTACLEEEESS. : D

Bill & Ted: 1989

Alright, so maybe I have a huge crush on Keanu

–but it’s mostly because of his absolute adorableness in this film. I wish my oral reports in school had been half as spectacular.  Be excellent to each other.

80’s Night