EP1, FKA Twigs


FKA Twigs is such an inspiring artist. I’m not -obsessed- with her work, but everything I come across is just magic. EP1 is no exception. A breathy, four song EP that plays like a soundtrack to walking in a city on a foggy day. I’m glad I did a little digging on this release as there are videos to each track. They aren’t stylistically comprehensive, but I’ll touch on them as we go.

“Weak Spot” is probably my favorite track. I’m a sucker for whispers, what can I say. Lyrically and stylistically there are a lot of parallels between this and The Cure’s “Lullaby.” I’m in love with her lines, “He’s got you feelin’ like you’re found/ Deep down/ Rolling on your back, pussycat.” For that part alone I can see this being a future On Repeat contender. The video feels old, like something you’d see as a “technologically advanced” video from 1999. It’s still a nice accompaniment to the song, though.

Next up is “Ache,” which is so damn catchy. This is mostly the staccato style of chanting “I ache for you” in the chorus. Mellow with a little bitter; perfect jam for fuckboy-fallout. I didn’t really appreciate the video for this one. The aesthetic matches well with the song, but it’s just some guy in a mask gesturing/dancing. And that’s the whole thing. For five minutes. I just kind of wish there was more to it. *shrug*

The beats in “Breathe” remind me a lot of Radiohead’s more electronically inclined tracks. There’s a little trip in the rhythm that creates a tension with the vocal melody. The song is mostly forgettable, but in the good way. Where you can just enjoy it as background while working on something creative–it pushes the vibes along. This was the only video of the set that was more of a “traditional” music video, less esoteric. It has a bit of a 90’s industrial “trash shit” kind of aesthetic, which is a really fun play with the content of the lyrics, “But I breathe easily in your arms/ But I breathe easily where you go/ Just breathe, breathe in/ Just breathe, breathe in.”

“Hide” is like the exhale of the EP. Not only is it a fairly slow track, but it has a ticking sound in the back that goes through waves of speeding up and slowing down, ultimately ending in a slow, final release. Lyrically, it seems to be a ‘finding confidence in yourself through ending a bad relationship’ message; which is a nice cap off of what appears to be a breakup album. The gentle guitar riffs and vocal overlays give a sort of nostalgic texture, like letting go of a dream. For whatever reason the video is age restricted on YouTube, so you’ll have to verify you’re 18+ to watch. It is just her body moving side to side with a flower over her lady bits. I mean, maybe this is “PG-13;” although sensual, there is nothing overtly sexual in this video. Esmerelda and Megara  were more erotic than anything in this short…But ANYWAYS, it’s a nice companion to the song and in some ways even shifts the meaning.

Overall, I really love this EP. If you’re remotely an FKA Twigs fan, this is a must try.




EP1, FKA Twigs

ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork

My guesstimate is that I found this gem in my collection around February and iTunes says I’ve listened to it 110 times so far–plus I got the VSQ rendition (love!). I find that the world reaches out to me with songs at just the right moment…or maybe I go searching when I don’t already have one in my arsenal for a particular feels.  Either way, “Unravel” by Bjork snuck it’s way into my life some months ago right at the nexus of re-establishing relationships with my estranged ex-lover and my ex-BFFF.   There is an anticipation of being able to share everything that has been missed in the meantime.  And yet, I cannot begin to comprehend how to share the journey of losing my Grandmother or moving across the country in a giant U-haul with a car trailer or the pain of finally letting my disappointing relationship with my father simmer out.  How do you navigate these lost spaces that would have been shared moment-by-moment?  How do you reconnect without dwelling on the bitterness of the past?

“He’ll never return it”

Bjork’s lyrics never cease to elude my understanding…why does your heart come undone in a ball of yarn?  Were you crocheting through the pain??  As with many other artists (Tool, Radiohead, The Beatles acid years…) my sad little bitter heart still finds a way to completely identify.  The somber synthy organ of wedding march-esque material in the background really seals the deal.  Get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cry into it while repeating “Weee’ll haaaave to make new loooooove.”

ON REPEAT: “Unravel” Bjork