On Repeat: “My Desire” Interpol


For starters I have listened to this track roughly 80 times prior to this writing and will probably listen another 10-15 by the time I’m done. It’s clearly not getting old anytime soon. On that alone, I would recommend giving the track a whirl.

The solo lilting guitar lick at beginning used to bother me a lot…why are you so off-beat sounding? why does your guitar sound drunk??  but it has become so addicting–much like the piano plinking in “Try It On” from Interpol.

This song has so many elements that pull you deeper under its spell, much in theme with the story the lyrics seem to be spinning. Paul Banks’ half question, half command “come on baby” beckons you (his lover, obviously *sigh*) to hear him out. The alternating closed hi hat and claps force pauses into the melody and lull you further into the track. Sharply accented guitar bleats that slide into nothingness plead for attention and are the musical equivalent of the chest pangs of the lovesick.

The true gem of this song, though, is the bridge. Working up to it, Sam Fogarino plays this beautiful cymbal riff that has an almost cowboy-western feel to it, which melts right into the crescendo. The bass line goes from a chugging slew of repeated 8th notes and blossoms into a plucky riff with an almost Latin underlying pattern, which is subtle but thrilling nonetheless. All which follows the somewhat conciliatory “you won’t find no scars on me” from Banks. That, coupled with the transition into a brighter mode leaves a feeling of “I will defeat you by embracing my flaws.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Sam Fogarino is the heartbeat of this group. Many of their artful chord progressions would fall completely flat without the immense texture of his rhythm section. The more I try to master his beats, the more I am astounded by his skills.

The lyrics are so contested for this song (and rightfully so…Paul Banks makes Zach Condon of Beirut sound like an enunciator) that I have a hard time diving into them. But I will say that the parts that can be understood have reached into me and will not let go. And honestly, not being able to clearly hear words can allow you to just hear what you want–other people be damned.

Here’s to another 80 listens! Enjoy!

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On Repeat: “My Desire” Interpol